Pathways to a Career in Energy Resources

Department of Geology and Environmental Earth Science

Recent Annual Petroleum Geology Workshop Topics

Risk Analysis Applied to Oil and Gas Exploration
Geological Assessment of New Exploration and Development Projects
Permian Basin Rediscovery: Over 100 years in the making!
Roles and Opportunities for Earth Scientists in Today's Petroleum Industry
Biomarkers, Isotopes, and Organic Facies: Evaluation of Petroleum Systems in Central Montana, USA
Subsurface Data Interpretation
Careers in the Oil and Gas Industry: Discussion, Questions and Answers

Ongoing Research Projects

Thermal maturation of the Utica/Point Pleasant Shale Play
Exploration of the Appalachian Basin Shale Play
Earthquakes in Ohio potentially induced by injection of wastewater from enhanced resource recovery
Geologic characterization of deep wastewater injection wells in Ohio
Anomalous crustal structure in Northern Ohio from a passive, wide-angle seismic wave reflection study

Undergraduate Geology Major

Key Core Courses:

GLG 301 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
GLG 322 Structural Geology
GLG 357 Petrology
GLG 411 Field Geology

Undergraduate/Graduate Specialization in Energy Resources

Key Specialized Courses:

GLG 450/550 Sedimentary Basin Analysis
GLG/PHY 461/561 Geophysics
GLG/PHY 467/567 Seismology
GLG 633 Extensional Tectonics
GLG 663 Dynamic Topography
GLG 710 High Performance Computing Seismology

Graduation Rate and Employment

Campus-wide Graduation Rate: 80%
Geology Majors Graduation Rate: 100%
Geology Majors Acceptance Rate to Graduate School: 95%
Graduate Students Pursuing Energy Research Employed in Industry after Graduation: 100%

Collaborating Industry Entities

Key collaborations to conduct field and subsurface research to maximize the development of oil and gas resources in Ohio:
Apache Corp., Chevron Corp., Energy Development & Investment Group, LLC, ExxonMobil Corp., GeoMark Research, LTD, Wicks Exploration, Inc., Reservoir Visualization Inc., Rike Geologic Consulting, Inc., the OhioSeis Network, and the Ohio Geological Survey.

Primary Faculty Contacts

Dr. Brian Currie (curriebs at
Dr. Mike Brudzinski (brudzimr at